New Cover! New Tiny Fox Member! December 27, 2017 – Posted in: Uncategorized

We’re putting the finishing touches up on Joshua Cohen’s Into The Lion’s Den and couldn’t wait to show off the cover! The story follows the exploits of retired Force Recon Major John Kurosawa as he goes on a pilgrimage through Syria. During his trek, however, he’s drawn to a remote village that can no longer afford to pay local bandits for the “protection” they provide. Unwilling to leave the villagers to a grisly demise, John assembles a crack team of operators from across the globe to help. The ensuing conflict will test John’s leadership and tactical thinking like never before, and if he’s going to survive and stop the raids, he’ll have to bring to light secrets that might not only shatter himself, but the team as well.

When can you get your eager hands on this fast-paced, adrenaline-filled tale? Late 2018. But fret not! Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll have a chance at some of the advanced copies we’ll be giving away.

Last, we have exciting news in the form of announcing our newest Tiny Fox team member! Jenn Wallace is now on board as our eager, highly talented, devour of books, champion of authors, and sorter of slush! She’ll be assisting all of us here in duties ranging from acquisitions to marketing. So, if you’ve sent us something, you might be seeing her name on some emails. And if we’ve signed you on, you’ll definitely be working with her at some point. We don’t have it up yet, but drop on by our About Us page in the near future and read a little more about what makes her tick and what books she likes.