Lifeline is coming! Intern goodness and more covers! January 2, 2018 – Posted in: ARC, Books, News, Review

For all you wonderful Netgalley reviewers, there’s an ARC of Lifeline available for your enjoyment. Head on over and check it out here. We hope you gush over it as much as we do, and if so, please be sure to leave your review on Goodreads and then Amazon when it’s released. Also, be sure to check out Abbey’s website over here, and sign up for her newsletter if you haven’t yet. You won’t want to miss out on her exclusive content we can only hint at.

Wondering what’s already been said about it? Well check out these early quotes:

  • “Nash, in short, has pulled off a remarkable feat, taking a topic of great relevance and–without a hint of censure or denunciation–making it integral to a tale whose only demand is that it be read in one sitting.” – Kirkus Reviews
  • “Lifeline plunges the reader into Eli’s rough journey–Nash doesn’t hold back. Buckle up.” – K.M. Walton, author of Cracked, Empty, & Ultimatum


Do yourself a favor and pre-order by clicking HERE for Amazon. This is one story you’ll be raving about for 2018 once you’re done.


If you missed our last update, we expanded our team last month and Jenn Wallace hopped on board as an intern. You can read here mini bio over on our About Us page. We’re very excited to have her help and input on all things Tiny Fox.

Last, we do have a pair over covers to reveal that will go on books slated for 2018, and we’ll let them loose upon the world in the very near future (yes, this is a teaser). But we will drop a couple of hints: One has a fun, retro sci-fi feel, and the other is jaw-dropping gorgeous when it comes to the artwork.