Fabulous Gorgons! (and books and free stuff!) April 2, 2018 – Posted in: ARC, Books, Contest, New Author, News

(Free stuff cleverly hidden below)

We were going to post this yesterday, but since it’s all true, we decided to wait until today.  That said, we’ve got two different books up on NetGalley for you hungry reviewers to get an advanced copy of and let the world know what you think.

The first one is Laury A. Egan’s Fabulous! and as the name suggests, it is indeed fabulous! Join Gilbert Eugene Rose, a talented opera singer and a guy who also happens to moonlight as a drag queen and diva divine, Kiri De Uwana, as he struggles to pay his rent. Toss in a few awkward situations and a mob war and things just take off from there. Check it out at the NetGalley page by clicking HERE.

Our second book is The Gorgon Bride! This page-turner will keep you up all night with a wild, adventurous tale filled with heroes, gods, monsters, love, and war that is nothing short of legendary (and hopefully a few laughs along the way). You can hop over to NetGalley and check it out there by clicking HERE.

Speaking of wonderful books, as a short teaser, we’ve signed a three-book deal that we’ll be announcing “soon” with cover teasers, reveals, and more. All we can say right now is this author has a fantastic voice, some of the best humor we’ve read, and crafted such a tight debut novel we had to scoop it up the moment we all gave it a read. Oh, and he happens to be across the pond, too, so that means we’re officially international! Go us!

Okay, okay, on to the free stuff. This one is for all you Harry Potter fans. We’ve partnered with some others to create an amazing, custom box set of lots of great Harry Potter stuff (so great, we almost kept it all for ourselves). Want in? Of course you do. Well, when the contest goes live, if you want to be notified (and get a link to join), you’ll have to sign up for our newsletter. If you haven’t yet, click HERE.