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Author FAQ

Do I need an agent?

No, but if you do have one who submits to us, that does help since we know you’ve made it through at least one slush pile. What you should be asking is, “Do I have an awesome story?” If the answer to that is yes and it meets our submission guidelines, send it in.

I’m thinking of submitting. Do I have to pay anything?

Absolutely not. We will never ask for any money, require you to buy books, refer you to a third party for editing, etc. We would rather scrub our faces with a cactus or be fed to the sarlacc than become a vanity press. If we want your novel it’s because we love your manuscript and we’re willing to put our time and money on the line to make it sell. If any agent or publisher does want money from you, we’d advise you to run as fast as you can. We’d also like to suggest using a flamethrower to purge the unclean, but that’s probably illegal in your jurisdiction (it is in ours).

How much do I get in royalties and are they net or gross?

Lawyer Fox says we shouldn’t put up actual contract numbers, but we can say this: we are very competitive when we offer a contract. We will also pay you starting with the first book you sell (i.e. you start making money the moment people buy your book). There are a lot of small presses that pay on net profits, which means you might not see a dime if they don’t recoup production costs. Granted, we know some places pay royalties on net profits and do put out good books and do pay their writers, but we want to be as attractive as possible so we can be as selective as possible.

Do you pay an advance?

Yes, with at least a couple of zeroes attached to said number. We can’t offer a competitive advance compared to big houses, but it won’t be a token dollar either.

How often do you take on new authors?

At the moment, we’re looking to acquire 1-3 new authors each year. Since we’re a small group, anything more would not be feasible while maintaining quality.

Are your books printed or just e-books?

Both! E-books are great, but for many, there’s nothing like having the feel of a book in hand.

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