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Nadya's War

Nadya’s War , , , ,

by C.S. Taylor


The story of a young female pilot in the Red Army Air – from her first encounter with the Luftwaffe in 1942 to her unlikely rise as an ace and eventual saving of her mortal enemy’s life.

“On the whole, however, the characters are well drawn, and their arcs move in unexpected directions…A compelling, female-centric combat tale involving Russians and Nazis.” – Kirkus Reviews


Coming Sept 19 2017.

Available for preorder.


Nadezdah “Little Boar” Buzina, a young pilot with the Red Army’s 586th all-female fighter regiment, dreams of becoming an ace. Those dreams shatter when a dogfight leaves her severely burned and the sole survivor from her flight.

For the latter half of 1942, she struggles against crack Luftwaffe pilots, a vengeful political commissar, and a new addiction to morphine, all the while questioning her worth and purpose in a world beyond her control. It’s not until the Soviet counter-offensive at Stalingrad that she finds her unlikely answers, and they only come after she’s saved her mortal enemy’s life and fallen in love with the one who nearly kills her.

Full Kirkus review here.

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