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Join the Tiny Fox Blogging Ring (participate in book tours, get ARCs, have a chance at free stuff)

We at Tiny Fox Press are looking to expand our network of bloggers who have a passion for wonderful stories and enjoy writing about them on their sites (check out our shop and author submission guidelines for the genres we put out).

Our method is simple: When we’re putting together a blog tour, we’ll email our list and see who’s interested. If you are and are able, fantastic! If not, there’s always next time. In addition to getting to read some awesome ARCs, we also have a couple of perks:

  1. A spiffy, tailor-made coupon just for you that will give you 30% off your first order here at Tiny Fox Press (shipping not included).
  2. A chance to win free stuff in random drawings as we roll out promos, provided you’ve hosted at least once since our last promo event (Marketing Fox says this will range from swag to Kindles to gift cards).
  3. If we find Doc Noss’s gold mine, we’ll be more than happy to send you a shiny chunk of our findings.
  4. And, of course, we’ll be driving traffic to your site.

We do have a few basic requirements we need our bloggers to meet:

  1. The blog needs to be focused mostly on authors and books. Feel free to stray into other things from time to time, but the crux of your content needs to be on books and the people who write them.
  2. Your blog needs to be at least six months old and one that is posted to frequently.
  3. If you’re reviewing a book, we would like that review to have some depth to it. No need for a dissertation, but something more than a few sentences for sure.

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The Tiny Fox Team

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