Save the date! January 24, 2018 – Posted in: Books, News

Okay, maybe dates!

Our 2018 lineup is coming together, and we’ve got a handful of dates you’ll want to remember:

May 8, Lifeline goes on sale! Be sure to drop by Abbey’s website in the meantime by clicking here. You can pre-order with us at our shop, or drop by Amazon (and of course, others!) and snag a copy, too.

July 10, The Gorgon Bride hits the stands! Galen has his modest little site over here as well you can pop on by and check out previous and future works. Oh, and if you’re clever (and we know that you are), you’ll get a peek at an upcoming title we haven’t even announced yet. But back to The Gorgon Bride. Those wanting to pre-order it can do the same as with Lifeline by heading over to our shop or Amazon or whatever bookstore you happen to frequent.

September 25, Fabulous! makes its grand appearance! Catch up with Laury over at her website and browse her previous works. As with Lifeline and The Gorgon Bride, we’re ready to take pre-orders on our website right here, and we’ll have Amazon links coming up shortly, too, so stay tuned!

In general Tiny Fox news, we’ve closed to general submissions starting tomorrow, January 25, in order to catch up on our slush pile and mountain of requests. We’re truly honored so many of you want to join us here at Tiny Fox, and if you are planning to send us a query, don’t fret. We’ll be opening back up for subs soon! Keep an eye on our submissions page, but our general plan is to reopen sometime in March / April of this year.